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Unveiling the Glamour with VH Photobooth: The Photobooth Secret of the Kardashians Filter

Vh Photobooth with The Kardashian Filter

The Kardashians are known for their glamour and style, even in the way they capture memories. Ever wondered what photobooth they use to achieve those flawless, instantly iconic photos? It turns out, the secret is not as exclusive as you might think.

Little-Known Fact

Surprisingly, the photobooth used by the Kardashians isn't a unique, closely guarded secret. You too can replicate their instant print photos with none other than VH Photobooth. At the core of it is a subtle yet impactful black & white filter applied to all images. The tones of blacks and whites are meticulously adjusted before the event, ensuring that every image 'pops.'

The 'Kardashian Filter'

What makes the Kardashian photobooth unique is the application of a black & white filter. This filter turns every photo into a timeless masterpiece, making the people in the photos the main focus. By emphasising contrasts, texture, and form, the filter creates a different perception of a person's features. It effectively minimises distractions caused by colour, adding a touch of sophistication to every captured moment.

Replicating the Kardashian Look

To replicate the Kardashian photobooth experience, consider the following:

  • Apply a black & white filter to all photos, just like the Kardashians do.

  • Keep the layout simple and basic, incorporating only names or event themes. For example, at a wedding, go for something straightforward like 'Aaliyah and Mahmood.' In a corporate setting, limit it to 'Company A Annual Dinner.' Ideally, keep text under 50 characters.

  • Choose a solid backdrop from VH Photobooth's extensive selection to complement the overall aesthetic.

In the glamorous world of the Kardashians, even their photobooth experience is curated to perfection. Now that the secret is out, you too can capture moments with the same elegance and style. Step into the spotlight with VH Photobooth, and let every click be a nod to the timeless glamour of the Kardashians.




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